Below are a few MAPS policies parents should be aware of:

  1. Late pick-ups for either after school or summer programs:Parents late picking up their children will be given a late penalty fee to be paid on the day of the late pick-up:
    1. 0-15min late- $10 dollar fee
    2. 15min-30min late-$20 dollar fee
  2. Regular After School hours are 230pm-545pm.
  3. If you decide to pull out of MAPS when registered for the full year, you will have to give us one month notice.
  4. When you sign up for the full year of the after school program, you are paying one amount that is broken down into 10 even installments (September-June).We are to receive 10 post dated cheques dated the first of each month prior to starting your first day at MAPS. MAPS is not open on Snow days, PD days, and Holidays including Christmas and March Break.
  5. It is the parents responsibility to notify MAPS that your son or daughter wont be attending MAPS on what ever day due to sickness/doctors appointment etc. What ever the issue may be, we need to be informed of their absence if indeed they were to attend with us!
  6. MAPS will ensure that in our After School program, we will always have the children returned back to our facility when outdoors by 4:45pm. If there are any early pick-ups prior to the time of us getting back to our facility. We ask that all early pick-up notifications are sent no later than 3 PM the day of by parents.
  7. Tax receipts for our programs will be sent out upon request.